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Happy New Year 2024!

New Year 2024 News Updates

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First off, I'd like to say Happy New Years! To all of the readers here on our website! Secondly Today marks the launch of our Support Center and a step forward into becoming a IT Service provider focused on Open Source Technology.

Website Rebuild

We have completly rebuilt our website to conform to our intentions, making ourselves appear more as a business instead of as a simple portfolio. The Website is built using Astro.build and based on the AstroShip theme, More details can be found in the github repo

Also our blog has been migrated out of the github repo, and onto a self-hosted version of Ghost CMS

Launch of Support Center

Today also marks the Launch of our Support Center as well as completion of our Billing system. At this time we are now ready to begin serving Customers!

New Blog Posts & Tutorials incoming!

We've recently posted a Tutorial for Docker, Docker Compose, and Portainer, with tons more tutorials, as well as more company updates to come. Please stay tuned as we begin the journey to becomming a Open Source Business.

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