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IT Services & Support for Open Source and Closed Source software

From helping you setup your computer, to building a datacenter. From a Support Center to a Managed Service provider. Any IT Project is not to big or to small, Need a website? No Problem! Looking to reduce monthly or yearly costs and switch to the Open Source alternative? Just Contact us for help!

Everything you need for your next IT Project

We can help you with anything you need, both Open and Closed Source, We Prefer Open Source. We aim to make any project go as smoothly as possible!

Equipment Install

Local Install and setup of New/Old Equipment/Servers, Incuding; Routers, Wifi, Cameras, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, TVs, etc.

Managed IT Services

Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure(software). Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response.

Open Source Preferred

Keep overall business costs down by going with the Open Source Alternative for some of the most popular software, and in most cases the Open Source alternative is actually saver from hacks and virus issues since the code is open and shared among many programmers and is constantly being updated.

Software Install & Deployment

Whether you are trying to Deploy a new network of computers or just trying to add some new systems, We can Install Windows, macOS, & Linux. Both Desktop and Server variations.

Support Center

Low cost priority access to our Support Center. Giving you first access to our support team, we can work over email, the support center, or by phone! We are ready to assist with any issues you may face!


While our native Virtualization Environment is ProxmoxVE, we also have experience with XCP-NG, VmWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V & unRaid.

Web Design & Management

Just like the way we host our website, we can create websites for our Clients that our both low cost to host(Using Cloudflare Pages & Astro.build and a git Repo) and are easy to maintain by either us for a low cost or by the client. (No long term cost, Only Initial cost of website)

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