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Whats in my lab? (Dec 2023)

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Table of Contents
Public Services
My Lab


I have been working on building this environment known as since early 2022, Today my network acts as a complete integrated network allowing SSO as well as a VDI Environment for my use, Mass Data Storage, Media Management, and more! Below is the list of Services and software I have running. You can also see some of my services current status using my Uptime Kuma server: BSN-Status-Monitor

Public Services

  • Tor Relay
  • Syncthing Discovery Server
  • Syncthing Relay Server
  • Minecraft Server (Not yet Public)
    MC-Server Status

My Lab

  • Unifi Network and Protect
  • Proxmox VE
    • VDI Environment*
  • TrueNAS
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services
  • NextCloud
  • Cloudflare Access (Zero Trust, Tunnels(Argo))
  • Docker (Portainer)
    • WikiJs
    • UptimeKuma
    • VaultWarden
    • Cloudflared
    • Cloudflare-ddns
    • Syncthing-Discovery
    • Syncthing-Relay
    • OpenSpeedTest
  • Emby Media Server
  • Windows Deployment Services
  • Home Assistant
  • MultiCraft (Minecraft Server Host)
  • NamelessMC (Minecraft Server Forums)

*VDI Environment:
I am Running my VDI Environment using Moonlight Game Streaming to stream my Desktop from a VM that has a Nvidia Tesla M40(Or Tesla P4) to allow remote gameplay as well as a responive work environment, I built and deployed this website from said VM.


Some of my Useful Docker Scripts