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@matthiesenxyz/ astro-hashnode

An Integration to bring your Hashnode Headless Blog content into Astro!


  • SEO Friendly: Astro-Hashnode is SEO friendly, it uses Astro-Seo to generate SEO friendly pages.
  • Fast: Astro-Hashnode is fast, it turns your Hashnode CMS into a blazing fast website that uses Astro to Generate static websites that run on the Edge.
  • Easy to use: Astro-Hashnode is easy to use, it has a simple configuration that allows you to connect your Hashnode CMS to your Astro site.
  • Customizable: Astro-Hashnode is customizable, it allows you to customize the look and feel of your Hashnode CMS content.
  • Built with AIK: astro-integration-kit is a set of tools and utilities for building integrations for Astro.