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Monorepo Dev Template

@adammatthiesen/ monorepo-template

A template for a monorepo development environment.

This is a template for a monorepo development environment. It includes a number of tools and configurations to help you get started with a monorepo development environment.


  • BiomeJs - Format, lint, and more in a fraction of a second.
  • Changeset/CLI - A way to manage your versioning, changelogs and publishing with a focus on monorepos.
  • Development Playground - A place to test and develop new features and ideas.
  • Github Actions - A number of Github Actions to help automate your development process.
    • Create Issue Branch - Automatically creates a branch for an issue when it is created.
    • CoAuthor Workflow - A workflow to help manage co-authors on PRs.
    • Changeset Management - Automatically creates a PR for a changeset when it is created. As well as verifies that changesets exist in new PRs.